What is LED linear lighting?


In the past, there was no such thing as linear lighting; this made lighting some building and areas difficult. Some areas which were more difficult to light without linear lighting was long spaces in retail, warehouses and office lighting. Historically these long spaces were lit with large incandescent bulbs which did not provide much useful lumen output and produce a log of wasted light in order to get the required spread. Linear lighting first started to be seen in buildings around the 1950s in industrial spaces, with the use of fluorescent tubes.  As the technology grew it was adopted by more, which led to linear lighting being used in many workshops, retail and commercial spaces as well as domestic garages. As demand for linear lighting grew so did the demand for a more aesthetically pleasing product with better performance. We saw great leaps in linear lighting once LED lighting started to become available in the early 2000s. LED linear lighting allowed for continuous light lines without any dark spots (previously left where one fluorescent tube finished and another started). Since the introduction of the LED into linear lighting the product type has grown from strength to strength with aesthetical and performance advances being constantly driven by ever-increasing demand. These days when we look at linear lighting there is a plethora of options available such as direct/indirect, tuneable white, RGBW, daylight dimming and much more. These fantastic features packaged into stunning architectural luminaires can result in unrivalled products.

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